A Spontaneous List of Likes and Dislikes

Browsing through today’s Freshly Pressed, and taking a cue from Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes and Vladimir Nabokov: a spontaneous list of likes and dislikes

Things I like: semicolons, Kleenex soft tissue, dark chocolate, drinking water, bookstore attendants who know what I am talking about, conversations with old people, my girls, cold pillows, airplanes, long flights, long reads, new pens, fountain pens, trimmed fingernails, sweet wine, men with full beards, green eyes, loose tops, hot chocolate, Jim Elliot, new music from my sister, my sister, my two brothers, Picasso, Michael Fassbender, ramen, papaya, mangoes, writing and receiving letters, hugs, kisses, traveling alone, singing karaoke

Things I dislike: pimples, classmates who sit too close, pininyahang manok, noisy children, ringing phones, traffic, getting sand in my room when on a trip to the beach, taking pictures, Facebook, wearing jeans, dermatologists, salesmen, soda, fixing my hair, being handed flyers, unmade beds, how I smell after two hours of hot yoga practice, people who abbreviate my name, fruit-flavored chocolates, not finding a parking slot, malls, churches, triangle pose, Kanye West, lighters, sleeping on hotel beds, surprises, reading from a computer screen, quotation marks, going to the bank

Things I like: grocery stores, hardware stores, UP, yoga, the extended tree pose, Roberto Bolaño, Ernest Hemingway, the pistachio cake from Bizu, grandparents, the Bataan of my childhood, sitting next to the driver in the jeep, payday, writing checks and tearing them off my checkbook, going to school, seeing a friend one-on-one, making plans, Mexico City, waking up early, writing in the mornings, being first in line, coconut water, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, learning Spanish, letter openers, the smell of unlit cigarettes

Things I dislike: air conditioning, alarm clocks, electric fans, zigzag roads, having a driver, going to church on Sundays, sugarcane juice, meeting famous people, dressing up, clubbing, flirting, ex-boyfriends, swimsuits, pocket-sized books, movie tie-up editions of books, reality TV, TV, thermal underwear, romance novels, men who only eat “salad and water” instead of burgers and beer, being late, people who invite themselves, decoration, birthdays, Chinese food, t-shirts with tight necklines, taking out the trash, nonfiction, statistics

Things I like: books with good titles, books with jagged edges, hardbound books, second hand books, carrying a water tumbler, carrying a coffee tumbler, wearing house slippers, Toms, the New American Standard Bible, contemporary art museums, cheese, bacon, making breakfast, washing the dishes, cleaning my own bathroom, steak, post-its, teaching, sunglasses, thinking about getting a tattoo, grooms who cry at weddings, stamps, yogurt, eggs benedict, dresses, The Godfather, class cards, jackets, philosophy, socks


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